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Welcome to my very first blog post!

If you’re not wearing a celebratory pointy party hat while you read this, I’ll forgive you. Even though it really is the appropriate attire for an occasion as grand as this.

A little about me:

I am a horror writer. And a weirdo.

I’ve been obsessed with writing, monsters, and all things scary since I was a little kid. I got in trouble on Career Day in elementary school for saying I wanted to be either a werewolf or Elvira when I grew up. (I still want to be Elvira, of course, because who fucking doesn’t?) I wrote weird horror novels in fourth grade. I was born to do this.

I’m searching for a home for Dreamer, a trilogy of horror-heavy urban fantasy novels.  I’m currently trying to become traditionally published. Right now, I’m working on securing representation for myself and my army of monsters. This means that my books are not yet available for you to read.

BUT I am still going to share my rollicking, monstery Dreamer universe with you now. I’ve got all sorts of goodies in store for you!

What you’ll find on this blog:

I will talk at you about horror, about writing, and about the silly shit that constantly careens around in my brain. It’s like I’ve got coked up muppets in there.

I will also write about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and about suicide and what it does to those left behind. These are subjects that play an enormous role in my life, and in the Dreamer books.

At its core, underneath a thick slathering of silliness, Dreamer is the story of my father’s suicide, and what it did to me. It is my tribute to him. It was born from the monster-filled PTSD nightmares that have ruthlessly haunted me since I was a teenager.

Great depictions of PTSD in books, TV shows, movies, music, and art always resonate with me in a powerful way. They’re a painful comfort.  They awaken all my wounded parts, but they also make me feel known and understood.

My goal with Dreamer, and as a writer, is to reach out to people like me, and give them that same painful comfort. And, hopefully, there will be some bursts of inappropriately loud laughter along the way.

Making Monsters

The most important thing I will do on this website is make monsters for you, and give you a chance to be a part of the Dreamer trilogy.

The Dreamer universe is populated with monsters called jabberwockies. Jabberwockies are shaped in dreams, which means some are terrifying, some are straight-up fucking weird, and some are utterly absurd. No two are alike.

Since every jabberwocky is different, I’ve got a lot of creating to do.

I will be taking monster requests and writing flash fiction for you about jabberwockies. If your jabberwocky ends up in one of the Dreamer books, you will get a Monster Parent credit in the acknowledgements, along with other fun stuff!

Check out the Make a Monster page for more details.

Where you can find me:

I goof off like a maniac on Twitter, and can be found there most days, writing creepy and absurd things. Follow @saraterror if you want me to goof off all over you.

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