Have you ever wished you could be the proud parent of a monster, with none of the fuss and muss of actually giving birth to and raising a savage, deadly creature? Well, today’s your lucky day!

My urban fantasy trilogy Dreamer is packed to the gills with jabberwockies: monsters that are born in dreams and transported into the human world by magic gone haywire.

These devastatingly lethal creatures are as variable as dreams themselves. Some of them are hideous. Some of them are absurd: monsters made of birthday cake, Christmas presents with a taste for flesh, bloodthirsty boob-beasts.

No two jabberwockies are alike. That means I’ve got a lot of monster-making to do! I would love to make a monster just for you, and have you become part of the Dreamer universe.

Here’s how Make a Monster works:

You request a type of monster. You can request either:

  • A physical feature (Example:”cupcake monster” or “monster with butts for eyes”)
  • A special ability (Example: “farts death-glitter” or “transforms all underwear in its vicinity into sewer rats”)

If I pick your monster, I will:

  • Write a piece of flash fiction about your monster killing someone
  • Give you credit on my website as a monster parent, as well as shout-outs on social media when your monster is revealed to the world
  • BEST OF ALL, If your monster ends up in any of the Dreamer books, you will receive a Monster Parent credit in the novel’s acknowledgements!

Fill out the form below to request a monster. Or follow me on Twitter @saraterror and get into a silly conversation with me. A ton of monster ideas spring into existence through Twitter goofery!