What is Dreamer?

Dreamer is a trilogy of tragicomic urban fantasy novels. I was a finalist in the 2013 Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest for the first chapter of Dreamer.

I am currently trying to become traditionally published, which means the books are not yet available for you to read. Right now, I’m looking for an agent to rep me and my monstery world.

The exciting thing is that you can still enjoy and participate in the Dreamer universe today. Check out Make a Monster for more details!

Dreamer, Book 1:

In a world where dream monsters run amok, nothing is what it seems.

They appear in flashes of blue light, transported into the world of humans by magic gone haywire: jabberwockies. Shaped in dreams, every jabberwocky is different, and every jabberwocky is real goddamn lethal. Some are hideous. Some are absurd: monsters made of birthday cake, Christmas presents with a taste for flesh, and bloodthirsty boob-beasts.

The only thing that’s stopped the human race from becoming jabber-chow are Dreamers–specialized hunters with a psychic connection to jabberwockies. Morgan Miserie is a Dreamer, just like her dad was. Working at the hunting firm he founded, she has enthusiastically hunted jabberwockies throughout the Pacific Northwest her entire adult life.

When Morgan embarks on a mission to find the jabber she blames for her father’s tragic death, that enthusiasm veers into dark obsession. Secretly, she begins abusing a Dreamer drug to enhance her powers. She vows she’ll stop if her experimentations interfere with her job as a hunter. But as the drug starts changing her body, her secret grows harder to hide, and her promise harder to keep.

How to help me get Dreamer published:

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About my mailing list:

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