Video Reading of The Rainbow Monster

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I’m very excited to announce a new evolution of the Make a Monster project: video readings of the monsters! I kicked off this mutation of the project with a reading of the hilarious Rainbow Monster.

If you’ve ever wanted to watch me fire my boobs like guns while shouting, “PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW!” this is your chance.

So many amazing things have already come out of this first Make a Monster reading. For starters, an incredible amount of enthusiasm. You all have made it very clear you love Make a Monster in this medium, and I’m going to keep giving it to you! Every Saturday, I’ll be doing a new video reading of one of our monsters.

If you want to easily keep track of the Make a Monster readings, subscribe to my new YouTube channel.

I am blown away and delighted by everyone’s joyful reactions to this video. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t equally blown away and delighted by the gifs you made. Oh god, THE GIFS!


I never thought I’d live in a universe where people made gifs of my boobs shooting things: gifs of me destroying the Death Star, gifs of me murderboobing Elmo, blowing up the White House, shooting at Nero in bullet boob time, and making Castiel explode. I’ve needed to repeatedly check that I haven’t died and gone to heaven (where I’m pretty sure I would not be allowed — especially with these weapons of mass destruction attached to my chest).

I love the internet so fucking much.

I hope everyone who watched and enjoyed me reading The Rainbow Monster will stick around for next Saturday’s reading of The Toilet Zombie. Which — as many of you have requested — I shall be performing while wearing my murdercorn wig.

Sara Amundson as the legendary Murdercorn



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